• Wood Pellet Boiler BioWIN2 Touch
    • Wood Pellet Boiler BioWIN2 Touch
    • Wood Pellet Boiler BioWIN2 Touch

    Wood Pellet Boiler BioWIN2 Touch

    BioWIN2 Touch

    Cogent to the smallest detail

    • The BioWIN2 Touch is by far the most compact in its class. The exhaust pipe can be turned so the boiler can be connected at the back or top

    • Unlike all other pellet boilers, the BioWIN2 Touch does not need to be serviced annually; rather, every two years or, at the latest, after consumption of 16 tons of pellets

    • Intuitive touch operation. It can be accessed by smartphone too

    • Convenient, semi-automatic heating surface cleaning

    • Thanks to its patented ash-sliding grate that runs in the opposite direction, no residue is left in the pellet boiler. This significantly increases its operating safety and makes it resistant to any fluctuation in the pellet quality

    • The patented,zero-wear ignition element runs silently, is robust and requires no maintenance

    • The innovative stainless steel burner with LowDust technology is so clean and efficient that the BioWIN2 Touch is several times better than even the strictest statutory emission limit values

    • The ash box is extra large so offers plenty of capacity and this, coupled with the efficient boiler combustion, ensures long emptying intervals

    BioWIN2 - Now with touch operation

    THE pellet boiler
    Every component of the BioWIN2 Touch is carefully designed and state-of-the-art, making heating with pellets even more convenient, economical and reliable. The best demonstration is that Windhager provides a five-year full guarantee for the boiler, stainless steel burner and ignition element.

    • Requires the smallest amount of space in its class

    • Mobile XXL ash box only needs to be emptied an average of once a year

    • Unique: Service only every two years

    BioWIN2 Touch

    The fully automated pellet feed
    Our experience shows that it is possible to convert from a heating system fuelled by fossil fuels to a BioWIN2 Touch in only a matter of days. In the event of an old oil heating system, the oil tank room can be quickly converted into a pellet storage room. The fully-automatic suction system transports your pellets carefully to your BioWIN2 Touch. No matter whether you have a special room for your pellets or a tank, we have the suitable system for every kind of store. 

    The optimum pellet storage room
    When constructing your pellet storage room, it is important to make sure that virtually all the pellets can be removed from it. This often requires side slopes to be fitted, which can be done quickly and easily with the modular quick assembly kit for slopping floors from. Sloping floors to suit a whole number of different pellet store situations can be produced from just three basic elements: a vertical support and two different cover plates.



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