ALFA-B-02 4 Loop 1" Stainless Steel Manifold Package (1/2" PEX)

    Description for ALFA-B-02 Stailess Steel Manifold



    • Size: 1” pipes with distance 50mm
    • No of branch: 2-6 ways
    • Diameter of sub branch: G1/2“
    • Working pressure: PN12
    • Max working temperature: 95°C
    • Surface: brass , zinc and nickel plated.
    • Item # ALFA-B-02
    1" Stainless Steel manifolds achieves the highest level of long term corrosion resistance by using a bright annealed high-grade, Type 304, stainless steel with high nickel content. This creates a stable material structure with low levels of ferrite and magnetism. To eliminate the possibility of contact corrosion, all fittings connected to the manifold are nickel-plated. The manifolds are fully assembled, ready for mounting,

    The supply and return manifold bodies both have wells to accommodate optional thermometers, and a multi-function swivel End Cap allowing for Fill/Drain or Vent. Each inlet of the manifold has a G 1" thread (BSP straight metric thread) allowing for easy connections of the supply and return mains.All PEX EK20 compression fitting assemblies (PEX to EK20 or PEX-AL-PEX to EK20) can be used to connect tubing to the manifold.

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