ALFA Heat Exchanger  has a proven track record of service across various industries since 2006. 

At ALFA Heat Exchanger , our mission is to win your loyalty through exceptional customer service and advice. Since 2006, we have been in the plants everyday, working with industry personnel to provide the hands on service, knowledgeable solutions, and continuous improvement efforts that are required to keep your business operating seamlessly. We want to be a part of your success.

ALFA Heat Exchanger  is one of the largest manufacturers of reliable, industry leading heat exchangers in Canada. In addition,ALFA Heat Exchanger is the industry leader in servicing all makes of heat exchangers, whether our product or not, you can rely on us to diagnose and service, repair or replace your current heat exchanger or gaskets.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most skilled and efficient producers of industrial heat exchangers and heat transfer systems in North America, and we are expanding our excellent reputation for high quality Heat Exchanger Solutions throughout Canada and the United States. 

ALFA Heat Exchanger  strives to provide our customers with two very important, yet distinct, attributes – Excellent Service and Innovative Technology. Innovation to us means leading the field in product design, functional innovation and manufacturing excellence. From our product development expertise, to our top-notch standards for Heat Exchanger service, ALFA Heat Exchanger operates with traditional business values and forward thinking business acumen.

Service to us means quick turnaround on inquiries and technical calls, knowledgeable support from start to finish in the repair and service of heat exchangers. From our certified, technically knowledgeable sales reps who serve our clients locally to our traveling reps who have begun to asses and repair heat exchangers ,ALFA Heat Exchanger knows that by delivering superior service both before and after the sale, we will forge a relationship with our clients and afford ourselves the opportunity to be your go-to heat exchanger and re-gasketing company for years to come.

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